Calendar Posting Guidelines

Guidelines to Posting events with Clackamas Parenting Together Events Calendar:

Clackamas Parenting Together (CPT) Community Events Calendar is a tool provided by the Children, Youth and Families Division of Clackamas County, Oregon that encourages area providers and community members to post events in a common location. The events are able to be viewed by the general public within Clackamas County and surrounding areas. Please note that information you submit such as contact name, phone number, address, etc. may be viewable to the public.

All of the events submitted to the CPT Events Calendar are subject to public disclosure under applicable local, state and federal law.

CPT reserves the right to restrict and/or remove any content that is considered a violation of the event calendar policy or any applicable law. The division Director (or his designee) as well as the Clackamas Parenting Together coordinating council shall make the final determination as to whether to restrict or remove any content on the Community Events Calendar.

Acceptable Events: Below are events that are considered acceptable to submit to the CPT Events Calendar:

A)    Any event related to parenting education, community playgroups, health & wellness, literacy, art & music, support groups and family fun (ie: farmer’s markets, summer camps, and other community acitivites; whether faith-based or not) that is open to the public and held in Clackamas County, Oregon.

Unacceptable Events: Below are topics that will not be approved for posting on the Family Education and Support Network Events Calendar

A)     Content that violates a legal ownership interest of another party.

B)     Profane language or content, including sexual content or links to sexual content.

C)     Content that suggests or perpetuates discrimination of race, sexual orientation, age, religion, gender, creed, marital status, national origin, physical or mental disability or income status.

D)     Information that compromises the safety or security of the public or public systems;

E)     Advertisements of commerce including anniversary, yard and sidewalk sales or grand openings.

Procedure for Posting on Family Education and Support Network Events Calendar

Any person who wishes to post an event to the CPT Events Calendar must  complete the online request form found at:

1.  The event request must include a valid name, email address and phone number with area code. Anonymous postings will not be considered.

2.  Staff with review requests within 72 hours. Until then, the request will be listed as “pending” upon approval.

3.  Providing that the submission meets all acceptable criteria, staff will approve the posting.

4.  Clackamas Parenting Together coordinating council reserves the right to make changes or corrections to any event posting as appropriate.

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CPT Events Calendar is a community tool provided by the Children, Youth and Families Division of Clackamas County to area residents and surrounding communities. Although the calendar is monitored, the Children, Youth and Families Division or Clackamas County does not endorse or verify the information included.  If a posting includes links to outside web sites, the County does not promote, control nor review the content or operation of that web site. Clackamas Parenting Together; Children, Youth and Families Division, and Clackamas County does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, security of web site content, links or appropriateness of such sites, and urges you to use caution and responsible judgment when accessing any unfamiliar web site. .