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About Clackamas Parenting Together

Clackamas Parenting Together (CPT) is a multi-faceted, regional network of providers who work to enhance the ability of parents and caregivers to stimulate, protect and nurture children and youth by uniting organizations across Clackamas County, with a focus on providing high quality parenting education and support to all families. CPT supports community families through our online events calendar and resource data base, quarterly newsletters, regularly updated facebook page and various other parenting education events and activities.  This comprehensive network includes components targeting all parents, caregivers and professionals involved in the healthy development of children, youth and families who seek to support, empower and advocate for families by developing a sustainable and collaborative network of parenting providers, resources and opportunities available to everyone. Clackamas county providers and parents are welcome to join our advisory group, which meets monthly. Please contact Chelsea Hamilton for more information about that group.


CPT is sponsored through Clackamas County Children, Youth and Families division and Oregon Parent Education Collabortive. We make no recommendations. Our goal is to provide information that makes it easier to access support and services within the community.


Every family confident, every child thriving, every community healthy – built on the foundation of parent education and support.  We believe all families need strong roots!


To increase positive family and community wellness by building a sustainable parent education collaborative that provides high quality, accessible parent education opportunities to our diverse region.


Community Wellness:  It is a community where supporting parents in the wonderful, difficult, and challenging task of raising children is seen as fundamental to the community’s social and economic well-being.

Knowledge of available resources:  to support parents and the community in accessing and being aware of parenting resources and services in the region.

Networking: to facilitate linkages among practitioners and organizations involved in parenting education, in order to increase their effectiveness in supporting parents and families.

Knowledge development: to consolidate and expand the base of research and practical knowledge about parenting and parenting education, and to increase its accessibility.

Accessibility:  to develop a system of support that works to reduce the barriers that prevent families from accessing needed and desired support services.

Leadership: to provide regional leadership and advocacy in the field of parenting education among professionals, policy makers, media, and the public.

Family Wellness:  to promote the development of a positive community outlook on parenting education and support as a means to providing for the optimal growth and development of all families.

Sustainability:  to maximize resources by building collaboration between providers.  Diversify funding and increase advocacy.

Guiding Principles

  • Collaboration
  • Education
  • Inclusiveness
  • Sustainability
  • Reduce Stigma to participation in support services
  • Universal Access
  • Acknowledgement and acceptance of cultural differences
  • Advocacy
  • Supporting Families
  • Empowerment
  • Strength-based

​​​Family Education and Support Network (FESN)


The Clackamas Parenting Together Events Calendar is a community tool provided by the Children, Youth and Families Division of Clackamas County to area residents and surrounding communities. Although the calendar is monitored, the Children, Youth and Families Division or Clackamas County does not endorse or verify the information included.  If a posting includes links to outside web sites, the County does not promote, control nor review the content or operation of that web site. Clackamas Parenting Together; Children, Youth and Families Division, and Clackamas County does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, security of web site content, links or appropriateness of such sites, and urges you to use caution and responsible judgment when accessing any unfamiliar web site.