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Print“Clackamas County Health Centers operates a variety of facilities throughout the County providing high quality family health, dental care, and mental health services for an affordable cost. Centers and programs are staffed by doctors, nurse practitioners, and certified medical assistants.” Click on the logo to go to the Clackamas County website!

Coalition Clinic

The Coalition of Community Health Clinics is made up ofCommunity Sponsored Clinics, and Federally Qualified Health Centers in Portland Oregon. Our clinics are dedicated to providing care to marginalized members of our community, especially those with low income and without health insurance. The clinics offer a broad range of care, from traditional western medicine andtraditional Chinese Medicine, to naturopathic & chiropractic andacupuncture. Together the scope of service is broad and the services reflect the cultural diversity and needs of the communities we serve. Please click on the logo to view the Coalition’s website!

CFARLogo   “Power of the Parents” Program: The Center for Family and Adolescent Research (CFAR) is NE Portland is offering FREE counseling to parents and guardians concerned about a substance-using youth (ages 15-20) who is refusing treatment. Individual and group sessions utilize the evidence-based CRAFT approach to help parents make positive behavioral and communication changes at home to discourage substance use and encourage treatment entry. Free treatment is also available for youth later engaged in the program. Services are offered for free as part of an NIH-funded research grant. Available to any parents within the Portland metro area found to be eligible for the research study/ Interested parents may call 503-243-1065. Please click this organizations logo above to link to their website and find more information. 

Northwest Family Services staff provides a range of support to community members. By serving as the single point of contact, our staff connects those in need with the health and family support resources they need. NWFS staff works to remove barriers and find solutions by partnering with a wide-range of community partners.

MP9004089261Current services include:

Enrollment of qualified children in the Oregon Health Plan

Free oral health services for qualified individuals in Clackamas County, Oregon, includes teeth cleaning, extractions, and repair of cavities.

Family support services includes a range of connections such as clothing and food resources, social-emotional supports, parent education, employment, and support groups for qualified individuals in Clackamas County..